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**Due to the "Virus" many of our Platinum items are requiring LONGER wait times.  Our suppliers are mostly open but a few remain slow.  Most items are shipping out and back to normal. Stay SAFE

You Dream It, We'll Design It

Our experienced artists are able to create your special creations from a picture or drawing. Been looking for that "special" one of a kind keepsake design in Platinum with no luck? Captivate your style in the worlds most luxurious metal, Platinum.  We specialize in Custom Platinum jewelry and work closely with the best Platinum designers in the business. We offer an incredible selection of Custom Platinum Chains and Bracelets. Platinum Earrings, Platinum Wedding rings and Semi Mounts. Platinum Only is just that!!!


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Platinum, Rare Pure Eternal

Custom Creations

Check out a few of our custom creations. These beautiful pieces were created from a picture, idea, or sometimes based on an existing item. Have a diamond or gemstone that belonged to a loved one, create an incredible New ring or pendant using that gemstone or diamond rather then keeping it in a box somewhere. Make old memories into new ones. Email anytime for pricing.

Platinum: Rare, Pure, Eternal. Platinum is pure. It's brilliant white and does Not fade or tarnish. Platinum is 30 times more rare then gold. Platinum is more durable then other jewelry metals due to it's density. It doesn't wear away or change it's shape, perfect for a lifetime of wear.

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