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Caring for your Platinum

Useful advice on caring for Platinum 

Clean your Platinum jewelry periodically. This will enhance the life and appearance of your jewelry.

Clean Platinum in the same way you clean your other fine jewelry. Use a pre-packaged jewelry cleaner Or, by soaking it in a mild solution of soap and warm water. Then gently rub it with a soft cloth.

Have your Platinum jewelry cleaned professionally once in awhile. Platinum jewelry that is set with gemstones should be cleaned professionally every six months.

Over time Platinum develops a natural patina that many people prefer over the "just polished" look. When this happens, you can take your piece to your qualified jewelry (or us)to have it re-polished to a high gloss look.

Store your Platinum jewelry separately, in a jewelry box or chamois bag so they do not get scratched by other items of jewelry

For adjustments, resizing, polishing and cleaning, find a QUALIFIED jeweler. Ensure he/she is trained in working with Platinum as it requires additional skills. You may email us anytime for pricing on your special repair/sizing polishing needs. Email for special needs.

Don't handle bleach or harsh chemicals when wearing platinum jewelry. Although they won't hurt the Platinum, chemicals may discolor diamonds or gemstones.

All precious metals can scratch and Platinum is no exception however, a scratch on Platinum is simply a displacement of the metal and none of the volume is lost.

Keep your Platinum pieces in a safe place and be sure to have them sufficiently insured. If you are unsure about the value, take it to your local jeweler for a valuation.

WHY Choose Platinum?

  1. Unlike white gold, Platinum is naturally white and will NOT change color over time.
  2. Our Platinum is 95% pure. By comparison 18kt gold is 75% pure and 14kt is 58.5% pure.
  3. Platinum does not change shape and loses very little metal to everday wear so your Platinum jewelry will last a lifetime.
  4. Platinum's purity makes is naturally hypoallergenic, so even sensitive skin can wear Platinum jewelry every day.
  5. Platinum durability means precious stones are held securely in place for a lifetime. Platinum prongs are often used in rings made of less durable metals.
  6. Platinum is incredibly dense, at least 60% heavier the other precious metals.
  7. Platinum is 30 times more rare than gold.